Friday, September 11, 2009

Staff Pick: Wild Douglas County

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Wild Douglas County by Ken Lassman

Ken Lassman's book, Wild Douglas County, encourages us to bring the outdoors into our social conscience. Ken wants to reconnect each of us to our bioregion with a greater sense of place. Ken's book may also be used as a reference guide to become more familiar with nature in our own backyards and the whole region. Read Wild Douglas County to learn how valuable and important our local ecology is and how we can help create justice for this piece of the earth.

Ken writes: "Today... we have a landscape that has shrinking islands of native habitat surrounded by agricultural and urban landscapes." How can wild animals that do not fly travel from one natural area to the next? Every summer I witness several turtles attempting to cross our roads; unfortunately, I can't always help them across. We must find a way to help wildlife survive. Ken offers these practical solutions: connect areas of nearby native habitats with natural corridors, "nature's highways", transform your yard to native habitat, control invasive species, get actively involved in local restoration and preservation efforts, and cultivate ecological literacy.

This thorough guide makes the seasons more accessible with descriptions of happenings throughout the year in the cycles and rhythms of various organisms. An annotated list of recommended local organizations to join or contact for more information is also provided. Recommended native habitats to visit are highlighted, including access pointes to the Kaw and Wakarusa Rivers, and where to see healthy examples of native prairies and woodlands.

Also note that Ken offers an invitation, if you would like to ask him to give a presentation and/or lead a nature walk, his contact information is inside the front of the book.

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