Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If You Like Nicholas Sparks...

If you like Nicholas Sparks, you might enjoy these titles as well.

The Last Promise
by Richard Paul Evans

Living in Italy with a distant husband and a sick child, Ellen finds romance with the mysterious new American in town. She soon finds herself forced to choose between the love of her child and the romantic love she has always yearned for and finally found.

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The Lighthouse Keeper
by James Michael Pratt

Orphaned after a car accident, young Peter O’Banyon is sent to live with his uncle, a lighthouse keeper on Nantucket. There he learns lessons about life, loss, and love that he will carry with him as he later marries his childhood sweetheart and goes off to fight in WWII.

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Candles on Bay Street
by K.C. McKinnon

Although he has never forgotten his childhood sweetheart, Sam Thibodeau enjoys a quiet, settled life in his Maine hometown with his wife and their veterinary practice. Sam’s emotions are thrown into turmoil when DeeDee, his old flame, returns to town with a young child and a big secret.

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On Mystic Lake
by Kristin Hannah

After her daughter leaves to study abroad and her husband tells her he wants a divorce, lonely and alone Annie Colwater returns home to her widowed father and her high school boyfriend who is facing tragedies that pale in comparison to her own.

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Remembering Blue
by Connie May Fowler

Leaving her abusive, alcoholic family behind, Mattie O’Rourke heads to the Florida Coast to start a new life. She finds love and passion with rugged fisherman Nicholas Blue, but the legend of an old Blue family curse casts a shadow over the young lovers.

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by Rebecca Johns

A WWII pilot survives a plane crash only to face greater struggles when he returns home to his young wife and the widow of his crewmate who perished in the crash. Subsequent generations of these two families will struggle with love, jealousy, reconciliation and revenge that all stem from that fateful accident.

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The Smoke Jumper
by Nicholas Evans

Connor and Ed share a dangerous profession — parachuting into forest fires — and a love for Julia, Ed’s girlfriend. The love triangle takes a fateful turn when a raging forest fire traps Julia, blinds Ed, and turns Connor into a hero. In the years that follow, the three must grapple with guilt, jealousy, loyalty, and unrequited love.

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