Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our Fungal Friends

I wouldn't call myself a field-guide aficionado, but this guy's passionate love of mushrooms is extremely contagious.  Sit back and relax as little Grandpa Schaechter takes you on a fascinating journey through the biological jungle of phallus shaped stinkhorns, bizarre turkey-tails and ephemeral shaggy-ink-caps, peppered with anecdotes about cocktail parties and near-death experiences. 

And I'd just like to add that this book also includes really fabulous references to Jurassic Park, Alice in Wonderland (of course). . . and even Anna Karenina. I mean, did you remember that Koznyshev, trying to propose to Varenka, loses his nerve and changes the subject to mushrooms??? "'What is the difference between a white and a birch mushroom?' Varenka's lips trembled with agitation when she replied: 'There is hardly any difference in the cap. It's the stalks that are different.' And the moment those words were uttered, both he and she understood that it was all over, that what should have been said would never be said."

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