Friday, September 2, 2011

If you like The Help...

Often times when a film adaptation of a book is released, the popularity of that title increases at the library, and Kathryn Stockett's The Help is no exception. The book currently has a waiting list of more than 70 people. If you're on that waiting list and are looking for something similar in the meantime, here are five titles you might enjoy as well:

Stand the Storm
by Breena Clarke

Sewing Annie Coats and her son Gabriel have managed to buy their freedom and operate a tailor’s shop and laundry, but they still struggle with their former owner. As they prepare for the imminent war, they assist escaped slaves seeking freedom.

Someone Knows My Name
by Lawrence Hill

Abducted from Africa as a child and enslaved in South Carolina, Aminata dreams of returning to her home. Sold and torn away from her husband, she winds up in Manhattan and helps pen the Book of Negros, a list of blacks rewarded for service to the king with a safe passage to Nova Scotia.

The Secret Life of Bees
by Sue Monk Kidd

Fourteen-year-old Lily is on the run with motherly servant Rosaleen, fleeing both Lily's abusive father and the police who beat Rosaleen for defending her new right to vote. The two take refuge with three middle-aged black sisters who produce the well liked Black Madonna Honey and help Lily come to terms with her past.

Cane River
by Lalita Tademy

A family saga following four generations of strong-willed women born into slavery near the Cane River in Louisiana. Slaves on a Creole plantation, Elizabeth and her daughter, Suzette win freedom after the Civil War, but their own children still struggle to gain financial independence and security.

The King of Colored Town
by Darryl Wimberley

Cilla Handsom and Joe Billy King must endure the backlash of the integration of their segregated school with an all-white one run by an all-white board. Cilla falls for Joe Billy, who helps her with her gift with music, but Joe Billy sacrifices himself to protect her during an assault by the Klan.

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