Thursday, September 22, 2011

Take Charge and CHANGE 5!

What will the new Library’s energy story be? In the final event of the Library's Take Charge Challenge series, architects for the Library renovation project will unveil design updates and images, and talk about ways the project will incorporate environmentally friendly energy upgrades. Mayor Cromwell will make a guest appearance too!

Also, today the City of Lawrence is launching the #CHANGE5 campaign which asks every single resident of Lawrence, students included, to change just 5 more bulbs in your home to CFLs, and then register them here. It’s one of the ways for us to win the $100,000 energy efficiency grant that’s up for grabs, and probably the most important at this stage in the game (the challenge ends next week).

And even better yet, Change5 helps you save money! Did you know that if you change the 5 most used bulbs in your house to energy efficient CFLs, you'll save $75 per year? That's $75 you save on bills and $75 you can spend on other things. Why not Change 5?

Short on light bulbs?! No problem! We'll be giving CFLs away for free at tonight's presentation! While you're here, we've got a great list of resources on energy efficient living. Hope to see you tonight! But if not, do make sure to at least #CHANGE5.

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