Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Unpasteurized, Unhomogenized, and Local

Raw by Steven Revare
This novel by Steven Revare presents an interesting story about a big city businessman who moves to Manhattan, Kansas to become a writer. I originally picked up the book because it was written by a Kansas author, and it was set in Manhattan (where I had previously lived for 4 years). The book definitely did give me a nostalgic feeling when it mentioned some of my favorite places in Manhattan. But I think more than that, it captures the feel of life in Kansas.

The story itself is also interesting. The main character, Carl, moves to Manhattan to become a K-State student under the tutelage of his mentor, a once famous writer. He ends up forming relationships with the characters around him, and situations arise that effect his original plans. The plot has some interesting twists and turns, and I even learned a few things about unprocessed milk along the way.

Jenny R - Reference

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