Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Party Crashers

Encyclopedia of Biological Invasions, edited by Daniel Simberloff and Marcel Rejmánek

This could be a very helpful resource for anyone interested in flora or fauna biodiversity. This encyclopedia will be a great starting point for both researchers and inquisitive novices. There are entries focusing on Bryophytes and Lichens, climate change, competition (animal and plant), Darwin, databases, earthworms, endangered and threatened species, hybridization and introgression, integrated pest management, ladybugs, Kudzu, mutualism, “Native Invaders”, pollination, range modeling, risk assessment and prioritization, seed ecology, transformers, and many more!

 * Note: Unfortunately, this is a reference book that cannot be checked out of the library. I recommend that more libraries consider buying a copy of this important book.

Shriley - Reference

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