Thursday, April 26, 2012

Record of Covers

Even a cursory glance through the pages of For the love of vinyl : the album art of Hipgnosis, by studio co-founder Aubrey Powell, is sure to bring instant recognition for fans of 1970’s British rock. Together with Powell’s partner Storm Thorgerson, Hipgnosis designed seminal album covers for Pink Floyd , Led Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel and others, and this lavish oversize book recreates 60 of the best in better detail than your CD copies can provide. In addition to the reproductions, Storm and Po share entertaining anecdotes from the days of rock star (and record label) excess—find out what it was like to live with Syd Barrett, for one thing -- as well as get the inside scoop on their design decisions and techniques from the days before digital manipulation.

Many of our beautiful new items—like this title-- are simply too large for our new book displays and are shelved directly into our OVERSIZE shelves on the west wall of the adult section. Don’t forget to check them out the next time you’re checking out!

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