Friday, October 22, 2010

Candidate's Favorite Books: L.W. Abney

This election season, we're asking candidates the hard-hitting question "What is your favorite book?" We asked all candidates appearing on the ballot for state and local office. As the election nears, we'll post their answers here.

L.W. Abney, Republican from Topeka, is running for a seat in the Kansas House of Representatives representing the 53rd District. His favorite book is The Bible.

"I learned to read from comic books at the town drug store. My favorite book is The Bible. There is more knowledge in it than all the laws we make. When I think I know it all I learn something new. To me it is a comfort in a crazy world and a hope for better things to come. I am told that the author is God."

Inclusion on this blog does does not constitute an endorsement of a candidate by the library. However, we do endorse the books they've chosen.

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