Thursday, October 21, 2010

Candidate’s Favorite Books: Tony Brown

This election season, we're asking candidates the hard-hitting question "What is your favorite book?" We asked all candidates appearing on the ballot for state and local office. As the election nears, we'll post their answers here.

Tony Brown, Democrat from Baldwin City, represents the 10th District in the Kansas House of Representatives and is running for reelection. His favorite book is Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam.

"My favorite book of all time is Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam. I'm a big fan of memoirs and I think Mr. Hickam's story of growing up in Coalwood, West Virginia, is a great story of personal achievement. As a developmental psychologist, it illustrates to me the desire that all adolescents have to grow beyond their childhood circumstances. As a person, it challenges me to be better than I am."

Inclusion on this blog does does not constitute an endorsement of a candidate by the library. However, we do endorse the books they've chosen.

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